A Reign Supreme CoverCheck out my recent interview about writing “A Reign Supreme” at Mythical Books – http://mythicalbooks.blogspot. Click on Interviews/Guests. Scroll down to Richard Crystal and click to read the interview. People seem to really enjoy learning about my creative process.


“Mr. Crystal has fashioned a tale of virtue and vice in the modern world. It deals with corporate greed, the politics of today’s African economic scene and how they test the people who have to make their living in that environment. And it’s all backed by the mellow wounds of modern jazz. I’m sure it will intrigue all.”

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

“From the streets of New York to a remote tribal village in Kenya, “A Reign Supreme” is a moody and emotionally involving story. Our hero’s journey from teenage jazz prodigy to a man haunted by his past to accepting his surprising fate of heritage is a terrific read. I’m not just Richard Crystal’s brother. I’m his fan.”

Billy Crystal

“As you read ‘A Reign Supreme’ you will wonder if the author is a jazz musician from the streets of New York or was raised in a village in Kenya. The language of the characters is perfect and real. The descriptions of locations are both factual and extremely visual. Richard Crystal takes you on an adventure involving family loyalty, greed, life changing decisions and much, much more. Something for everyone.”

Lou Adler

“John Coltrane constructed his four-part magnum opus A Love Supreme as a harmonic journey meant to convey an ascendancy to spiritual enlightenment—the musical statement of one man meant to inspire and uplift all. With deep appreciation for that inspirational source, Richard Crystal has been inspired to create a story in four sections that follows that same path to a personal awakening, a return to one’s roots, and realization of one’s purpose. A Reign Supreme is a rare example of a powerful literary work drawing its spirit from a timeless musical classic, with a deft, reverential touch that avoids cliche or overstatement.”

Ashley Kahn, jazz historian and author of A Love Supreme: The Story of John Coltrane’s Signature Album and Kind of Blue – The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece.